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While the majority of Farset Labs is maintained by the community, we are also supported by local companies and bodies that recognise the transformational effect that our resources, projects and initiatives can have on the local community and economy.

Corporate Members provide financial help or services that help the membership, and each has the same voting power as only one individual member.

For their ongoing support and participation in our community, we thank them on this page.

intel_logo Intel recently acquired Belfast based Aepona, whose awarding-winning software platform bridges the enterprise with the network, enabling Service Providers to offer communications, context, commerce and control features that enrich business applications using cloud-based APIs. This allows Service Providers to monetize their assets in new ways, and enterprises to easily embed mobile intelligence into a diverse range of applications.
Tibus(Connect) offer a full range of connectivity solutions for business across the UK & Ireland.They are market partners of Project Kelvin, and, along with Hibernia Atlantic, operate 102 network locations across North America and Europe, providing a multi-gigabit L2 connection that puts Northern Ireland business on to a level playing-field with the global internet marketplace. provides Linux and Windows virtual server hosting solutions based on the Xen Hypervisor platform. Features include dedicated RAM allocation, native IPv6 routing, RAID10 disk storage, 2 datacentre locations and gigabit connectivity, to name but a few.
Special thanks have to go to Weavers Court Business Park; without the confidence and tireless support of Tom Ekin, Gary Cassels, and the whole Weavers Court team, Farset Labs simply couldn’t be.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Member, please get in touch at

3 thoughts on “Corporate Members

  1. Paul Duggan says:


    We’re currently planning to open a number of new locations in Europe and I’m very interested by what you’ve done in Belfast.

    Can we arrange a phone call to discuss our plans and options for partnership?

    I’m based outside Geneva so Belfast +1.

    Let me know when is a good time and a number to call.


    Paul Duggan

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