Who We Are

The half-life of any project is around 14 days…

For directions to our space and parking/bicycle information, please click here.

The Basics

Farset Labs is a hackerspace that provides a place for creativity and technological tinkering. We’re open to everyone, no matter what you want to do, and we welcome people from all walks of life to use our space, come to our events, and get involved at a low level to foster the maker community in Northern Ireland.

For a low membership fee, students, hobbyists, and all members of the local community will be able to come together, hack at projects, build stuff and bring some life to Belfast!

Additionally, we’ve got communal manufacturing equipment, computing facilities and electronic resources to let you play and build to your heart’s content.

We operate over a wide range of areas including:

  • Electronics and computer science;
  • Manufacturing & making;
  • Biohacking;
  • Amateur Radio & Communications;
  • LARP (Live Action Role Play);
  • Cosplaying and gaming;
  • Local user groups;
  • Light metalworking & woodworking;
  • anything and everything you want to do!

It’s possible the level of freedom in the labs is occasionally misguided…


We simply provide a space and tools for people, and members are under no obligations or requirements at all. Members can come as little or as often as they like, 24 hours a day, and can use as many of the resources as they please. Farset doesn’t ask for anything extra, and we certainly, certainly don’t take any stake in your wildly-successful ideas!


The Space

With ~2000sqft of combined hackspace, workshop, meeting, relaxing and venue-space, Farset Labs has capacity for most projects, big or small. (We also have access to a 5000sqft Warehouse for experiments, subject to availability, as well as the entire outside area of the business park, kindly offered by Weavers Court)

The Event space has presentation facilities, a 30sqm Blackboard, and capacity for 60 standing and 40 sitting (comfortably…)

The Event Space, Workshop, and Lounge can be booked for private events/meetings/projects, but are generally available on a ‘fair use’ basis.

Farset Labs is a welcome, free place to explore technology and it’s effect on society, whether it be academic, comedic, artistic, or pedantic; It’s a place where knowledge is freely shared and experience is gained not only through successes, but also in failures.


The Blackboard makes for a dynamic brainstorming and presentation environment

We got lots of new desks recently, so the space is quite a lively place to work and play

6 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. At long last a breath of fresh air in little old Northern Ireland. Please keep me informed.

  2. Jonathin Bayley says:

    Hello, My name is Jonathin Bayley.
    I am quite interested in Farset Labs, I like what you’re about.
    May I just enquire : how is Farset Labs funded?
    Also would I be able to donate some funds & become a member?

    • Jon, Thanks for your interest! We’re a community charity funded by memberships, donations, and renting out our event space.

      Check out our Membership page (http://farsetlabs.org.uk/blog/membership/) for how to get involved, or just use the Donate button at the right hand side (And don’t forget to tell us how you’d like us to spend your money!)

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